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Dodger News – Corey Seager Will Be Ready For Opening Day

Dave Roberts

“For us, we are going on the other hand,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said”Every player is different. However, at shortstop that there are a great deal of different kinds of throws you need to make and different arm angles. We’re playing the game to be certain that there are not any setbacks.”

However, if he says one of those pitchers are going to be ready, they could still choose to push them back a start or two and let Hyun-Jin Ryu handle the date.

“He is doing very well,” Friedman said. “He has passed every individual test we’ve given him as far as leaving his toes on ground balls and getting up and becoming his arm. Running the bases. Taking a lot of swings. Today it’s about doing this in a match and rebounding right back and doing this again.

Pollocks homer

So the run up to March 28 is upon us and I guess we will discover if Corey will be truly ready, we shall see.

Thanks to Clint Evans | Originally sourced from: Dodgers Nation

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