Dave Roberts

“For us, we are definitely on the conservative side,” according to Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. Every player is different however, at shortstop that there are a great deal of different kinds of throws you need to make and different arm angles. We’re playing the game to be certain that there are not any setbacks.

He says should one of those pitchers be ready, they could still choose to push them back a start or two and let Hyun-Jin Ryu handle the date.

“He is doing really well,” Andrew Friedman said. “He has passed every individual test we have given him as far as leaving his feet on ground balls and getting up and getting to his arm. Running the bases. Taking a lot of swings. So now it is about doing it in a game and bouncing back and doing it again. That is the point in the progression where we are at right now”

Pollocks homer

Today it’s about doing this in a match and rebounding right back and doing this again. That is the point in the progression where we are now.”

So the run up to March 28 is upon us and I guess we will discover if Corey will be truly ready, we shall see.

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Andrew Friedman, Russell Martin & Dave Roberts Interview | Dodgers 2019



Martin Perez has discovered a mentor in Johan Santana. Betsy Helfland in the Pioneer Press. Perez has impressed this spring using a noticeable uptick in velocity and seems like he might be a good pickup. You may remember me saying it felt silly when the poor Perez was signed up, forcing the Twins into DFA Chase De Jong. Well, De Jong cleared waivers and Perez is looking sexy, so take this as yet another reminder that I am always wrong about everything.

Except twist corporations, I’m right about that. What a smooth transition into this bit about the way the MLB forces minor leaguers to function day and night for months at spring training without any real pay!

MLB.com listed every team’s”most indispensable player.” Do you agree with their choice for the Twins? Or is the right answer obviously everyone’s favorite noun, Willians Astudillo.

TJ locks me in a cage with no food if I don’t mention Willians each Monday

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“The thing that disturbs me about these guys that do (rankings ) is the arm,” he said. “And we told him: We don’t need him to change his (throwing movement ). … Get to the ball as quick as you can, and get it into the chalk person as quick as you can.”

Washington Nats

Jeremy Hellickson is doing a fantastic job maintaining the Astros’ regular lineup off-balance today. Hellickson has started his afternoon with three scoreless innings, the only baserunners coming by means of a second-inning stroll of Carlos Correa along with a third-inning broken-bat single by Jake Marisnick.

The right-hander has been working on changing up his delivery from pitch to pitch, switching between a complete leg kick and a slide measure that functions as a tool of a fast pitch to maintain hitters’ timing off. It’s been powerful. The Nats have taken a 1-0 lead thanks to two infield singles (from Luis Garcia and Victor Robles) and a throwing error on third baseman Alex Bregman.

Hellickson wrapped up his day with a different scoreless frame (aided in part by a ground-rule double that would’ve scored a run had the ball never poking under the fence at the left field corner).

Still he went four innings allowing three hits and a walk, throwing 57 pitches. The Nats have started a 3-0 lead because of back-to-back RBI hits from the fourth by 18-year-old Garcia and catcher Spencer Kieboom.

Spencer Kieboom

That is only something for him,” manager Davey Martinez said when asked if this is a reaction to Kendrick’s harm. “More a necessity in case a person does go down and we need him to do various things, that he can do it.”
Sanchez has been working in the outfield since the beginning of camp.

He has made nine appearances in left field during his minor league career (the majority of these coming in 2014-15) but today represents his initial attempt to play the position in a major league game.

“Any position that they’re able to plug me in, I feel as if I will help out the team,” he said. “If they feel as though that I could help them out, of course I take a great deal of pride in that. It feels great to feel as they have that confidence in me.”

Sanchez, who’s played second base, shortstop and third base in the group, obtained his first action at first base a week. In case it means a much better shot at making the roster, he is all for it.

Make it 6-0 at the seventh thanks to some sustained offense from the Nationals. The Nats subsequently added two runs in the seventh to a Wilmer Difo dual, a Carter Kieboom single plus an Andrew Stevenson run-scoring groundout.

Rosenthal struck out Max Stassi and Alex De Goti to stop the threat and the match. Nats win 6-4

Adrian Sanchez

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Adrián Sanchez has already proven himself a Beneficial fill-in Once the Nationals need help from the infield. Now he is hoping to establish himself capable of meeting if the Nats want outfield assistance.

For Sanchez, who spent a long time in the Nationals’ farm system before eventually making his big league debut at 2017, this is a natural measure to make himself more valuable to the organization.

Sanchez is starting in left field that afternoon, his initial foray into the outfield this spring although possibly not his past. With veteran second baseman/left fielder Howie Kendrick in danger of launching this season on the injured list because of a hamstring strain, there may be a opening for Sanchez.

“I just feel the more positions I am in a position to perform, the more I can help the team out,” he said. “I can’t control what happens. But there is always a chance of particular situations coming up in the big leagues where they have a demand for specific places. I really feel as though the more I am able to play throughout the field, the further I could help the team out once I receive the phone.”

The supervisor has just one real dilemma when teaching infielders how to create the transition.

“I’ve been practicing playing in the outfield because the beginning of spring training,” that the 28-year-old explained, through interpreter Octavio Martinez. “So I’m pretty comfortable around.”

Manager Martinez hasn’t been afraid to teach career infielders how to play the outfield. Wilmer Difo continues to be receiving work from the outfield and may be used there in times this season.

And Martinez was instrumental in assisting Ben Zobrist learn the way to really be a super-utility player early in his career if the two were jointly with Tampa Bay.

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If you love history and statistics on the game you will enjoy perusing Alan M. Nathan’ edu site ‘The Physics of Baseball’ from the University of Illinois.

Here is an article on Statcast, the MLB tracking system I enjoyed.

At the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston on March 1, 2014, MLBAM made a presentation about a new tracking system that will effectively track everything on the field: the pitched and batted baseball and all the players.

Although not officially announced, it is my understanding from discussions with people in the know that the new system is a merger of radar and video technology, taking full advantages of the strengths of each. Doppler radar is the natural technology for tracking the baseball.

Video is the natural technology for tracking the players on the field. Together, they offer a powerful tool that has the potential to revolutionize baseball analytics.

The new technology is a partnership between Trackman for the Doppler radar and ChyronHego for the video. The new system was installed at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Target Field in Minnesota, and Citi Field in New York for the 2014 season.

It was also used for the 2014 All Star Game and extensively used during the 2014 postseason. A rollout to 29 USA parks (with Toronto still under discussion) is expected for 2015.

It is still not known how much, if any, of the data will be publicly available.

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